Termination Of Delegation Agreement

In the event of termination of the delegation contract, the payment by the Commission is limited to the amount set: modified business plan for 2010 and Schedule 8: NERC Board of Directors`s decision authorizing the revised and revised delegation agreement between NERC and Texas Reliability Entity, Inc. which approves the conclusion of the revised and revised delegation agreement between NERC and the Texas regional body. , a department of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, Inc. and approval from Texas Reliability, Inc. You can file, modify or terminate a practice contract by registering with licensing services and selecting “practical agreements.” Connect to licensees and choose “practical agreements” to file a termination report. If the relationship is currently stored as a practice agreement (filed in 2012 or later), the supervisory physician must submit the details of the online update. The Board of Directors will send the supervisor and the Palestinian Authority written confirmation of the updated practice agreement. Both the supervisory physician and the Palestinian Authority must report the termination of an online surveillance relationship within 15 days of the end of the surveillance. If the first whistleblower report is provided either by the Supervisory Authority or by the Palestinian Authority, both parties will be informed by e-mail that a whistleblower report has been initiated and the other party will be informed of the submission of an independent whistleblower report (see OAR 847-050-0050). based on the actual degree of implementation of the measure at the time of the redundancy. If the relationship is currently filed as a practice description (approved before 2012), it must be terminated (see termination of the supervisory relationship below) and a new practice agreement (see above). The Commission informs the partner that it intends to terminate the contract and invites the partner to submit its comments within 15 calendar days from the date of receipt of the notification.

If the partner takes a position, the Commission notifies its whistleblowing decision. If the Commission decides to terminate the agreement by derogation from the partner`s submissions, the information will come into force on the day the notification of the termination decision is received. If submissions have been submitted, the termination will take effect 15 calendar days after the Commission has notified of the intention to terminate.