Hbo And Comcast Agreement

The news of Comcasts Deal for the new streaming product comes after WarnerMedia has entered into a dozen distribution agreements before the launch of HBO Max. This includes Apple, Google/YouTube TV, Hulu, Charter, Altice USA, Cox, Verizon, Samsung, Microsoft`s Xbox One and Sony`s PlayStation 4. In addition, At-T, The parent company of WarnerMedia, offers various HBO Max bundling offers and free trial offers. A spokesman for Roku said: “As the number one streaming platform in the U.S., we believe HBO Max would greatly benefit from the channel and content marketing capabilities available with distribution on our platform. We focus on mutually positive distribution agreements with brand new [Over the Top] services that offer viewers from the more than 40 million households that choose Roku a quality user experience to access their favorite programs and discover new content. Comcast and AT-T confirmed their agreement late on Wednesday. Although HBO customers can see HBO Max on X1 and Flex plans on the Internet and on all devices that already support the service, it is still not available to watch on their TVs with Box comcasts. Companies are still working to introduce an HBO Max app on Comcast`s X1 and Flex cable platforms, it was said. Comcast, the country`s leading cable and broadband company, and Home Box Office, the largest and largest high-end television company in the United States, announced today that they have renewed their transportation contract for the company`s two pay-TV services, HBO and Cinemax. In addition to the basic channels of HBO and cinemax, the long-term agreement includes the distribution of on-demand HBO video-on-demand and on-demand cinemax services, as well as high-definition streams of HBO HD and Cinemax HD. Other terms of the contract were not disclosed. He added: “Unfortunately, we have not yet reached an agreement with HBOMax. While we are not on our platform today, we look forward to helping HBOMax grow its streaming business successfully.

Comcast was one of a handful of holdouts among HBO distributors when the new HBO Max was about to open. It also has no agreements with Roku and Amazon. WarnerMedia already had relationships with many distributors to offer the cable channel HBO and its standalone streaming channel HBO Now. The company wanted to support HBO Max`s listings by upgrading Now members at no additional cost by updating the HBO Now app to HBO Max. That`s what happened Wednesday morning on the platforms that have reached agreements with HBO Max. But as Roku and Amazon have not yet reached agreement on the terms of an agreement, these customers will continue to see the HBO Now app. On the day of the launch, AT-Ts HBO Max agreed with Comcast to distribute the new streaming service to its Xfinity customers.